Harley Services Company Limited
About us
We are an information technology company providing professional outsourcing services to many major corporations of diversified business natures since 2007.
Harley Services Company Limited "Harley Services" aim to assist our clients on IT support functions, enabling them to create and sustain competitive advantages. We help our Client to increase service capabilities, reduce cost and focus on developing their core business. With this mission, Harley Services deploy a pool of specialized skills, knowledge and experience professionals, equipped with the highest quality of infrastructure, to provide solutions integrating the components of IT services management in communications, processes and technologies areas.
Our Services
The major services we provide are
  • IT Services
  • Renovation Services
  • Software Development

IT Services Outsourcing

Business environment keeps changing from time to time, technologies can help companies to improve their competitive advantages. Companies' IT infrastructure, security, staff's hardware and software are essential tools for success. Considering the staff cost and capabilities, resources management, operation cost; and the difficulties of hiring and retaining specialized skills IT personnel, outsourcing is a solution to companies to save time and reduce cost while freeing up them to focus on their core business activities. Harley Services is committed to provide quality and cost effective IT outsourcing solutions to our clients to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. As we understand the changes are rapidly, our solutions are flexible and can be customized to meet your business needs of today and also for the future; and the most important is to achieve your company’s objectives.

Solution Services

How does an organization fully utilize its IT systems? While the computing environment has direct impact on organizational productivity, Harley Services offers cost effective and leading-edge solutions, including:

  • Rollout service
  • Software/ Hardware installation service
  • Relocation Service
  • System Migration service
  • Network Design service
  • Cabling service
  • UPS support service

The benefits provided by our Solution Services are:
  • Deliver the project on time - so you can start reaping returns on your investment as quickly as possible
  • Services will be delivered by highly skilled IT professionals who are specialists in their area of expertise
  • No surprises during the delivery, the project methodology requires accurate and timely project status updates

MIS Support Services

Due to the increased complexity in the ever-expanding technology that runs your business, experts in various areas are needed to support your company's IT infrastructure. This increased complexity often limits the ability of one person to handle all of an organization's technical needs. We understand the challenges of building and maintaining a separate IT department, our MIS Support Services will give your business access to different levels of expertise, allowing your company to grow and to improve efficiency and productivity.

We offer different service plans that provide different number of service hours and service levels for you to choose the one best fit your needs and budgets. With an expert knowledge base and technical expertise, these Service Plans can help you maximize the performance of your computers while staying up to speed and keeping your computers running smoothly and efficiently. Minimize the hidden costs of PC ownership and get some peace of mind while you concentrate on your productivity.

Scope of MIS Support
  • Troubleshoot and repair computer hardware and software problems
  • Monitor and provide recommendations for improvement on the performance and reliability on the networks and usage of the system resources
  • Maintain user accounts and resources sharing e.g. file and print
  • File / Email server system support
  • Client PC OS / application software support
  • Antivirus software update
  • Perform Server & PC backup operations
  • Updates, fixes and patches
  • Cabling & networking consultation (liaison and follow-up, when necessary, with other relevant parties for implementing solutions

Standard Plan

12-months Service Plan Bundles:
  • 20 hours of on-site support service per month, minimum Two hours shall be deducted per onsite visit.
  • Service Level: *Next Business Day on-site response service.
  • Two times regular on-site support service per month and minimum Two hours shall be deducted per onsite visit
  • On-site visit requests during Non-support Hours, the rate is calculated at Man hours provided x 2 and Minimum Three hours will be charged per on site visit. (Service level will be different for #Non-support hours visits)
  • Service provided less than ONE hour is counted as ONE hour.
  • Support Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 and Saturday 09:00- 13:00, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.
  • For any on-site visit requested after exceeding 20 support service hours, charges will be quoted separately
* Our technician will arrive on-site the next business day. For example, a service call is placed at 12:00 on Monday, onsite support will be arranged between 12:00– 18:00 on Tuesday.
# Response time for ad hoc service during non-support hours is depending on your location. Guarantee 2 hours response time for locations on Hong Kong Island and places close to MTR stations excluding outlying islands.
Parts and materials are excluded
Unused hours for the month will be forfeited upon end of the month. (i.e. cannot be carried forward to next month).
Client has to sign the service report upon job completion to ensure the number of service hours are used per visit. A monthly report of used hours will be sent to client.
Time plays a critical part in the everyday processes and operations of the business world. You may require faster response time. We offer different service plans with higher service levels like one to two hours response time or 4 hours response or same day response time as well. Being flexible, we also provide customized plan to best fit your requirements.

Hardware Maintenance Services

We provide the most reliable hardware maintenance services for our clients. Whether through the utilization of the pool of highly trained IT Technicians or the integration of our vast IT knowledge, we cover every element of your computing environment through a wide range of hardware machines and systems in the shortest response time. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • On site troubleshooting service
  • Preventive maintenance support
  • Virus detection service
  • Machine on loan service
  • PC cleaning service
  • Data backup service
  • Planning of equipment upgrade

In order to provide the highest level of support for clients’ mission-critical environment, Harley Services will provide the most comprehensive hardware support solutions with proactive services such as communications, planning and expert consultation, together with predefined responses and recovery timing in the event of issues. This multi-vendor service support is specifically designed to provide a wide range support solutions for equipments, including PC workstation, Monitors, Printers etc.

For enquiries, please contact us at hr@harleyservices.com.hk

Case Studies

Our Client is a leading listed securities company in Hong Kong and its parent company is listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It provides total quality corporate finance, asset management and brokerage services to global and Hong Kong institutional and corporate clients as well as individual investors. It strives to become a leading global player in the industry, and a leader in the Greater China region.

It has a broad retail client base and extensive distribution network, with branches in Hong Kong and Macau. In China, its Group has representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai and investment consultancy centres in major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Xiamen. Looking forward, our Client will strive to establish more presence in strategic locations in China.


Help end users to achieve the highest productivity possible by maintaining a reliable end user computing and networking environment and to ensure end users computers run at maximum efficiency.


We provide daily operation support to end users, system upgrade, software deployment and relocation services; hardware maintenance, such as printers and scanners and to maintain the inventory records. We work closely with users and therefore have built a very good work relationship with the users, a mutual understanding and trust is nurtured between our Client and us. We meet our Client’s expectations both on schedule and quality for all projects implementations and installations.


Our services provide a competitive strategy benefit in a number of ways to our Client. It allows ease of management, reduction in cost, lesser manpower, improvement in efficiency and quality; and frees up internal resources to focus on their core business activities.

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Email : For Sales Enquiry, please contact us at sales@harleyservices.com.hk
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